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To Labels, managers and whom it may concern, 

hello, I'm glad you've found my website and music and I hope it has found you well. 

Where I'm at...

I've been playing with melodies since a child but I only set out on the journey with the view that this was what I was really doing in 2006, an amazing year. Since then I have been working independently, writing, composing, performing, mixing, producing; which is how I work to this day as an independent artist.

This is a wonderful way to work, affording me freedoms - both artistic and logistic - which have enabled my autodidactic process and the exploration of my fascinations. However, I am very keen to talk to anyone who is interested in what I'm at: Labels, Managers, Publishing Companies, who feel that my music would a suit their label's sensibilities or feel they could work with my music. 

Fredrick & The Golden Dawn 

Let's All Get Nervous


Thank you for your time and interest,

Safety, health and Strength, 



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