(B.1981) Nolan had been writing and recording his songs since the age of thirteen with recording techniques of his own invention. He eventually began recording on an analogue four-track at sixteen years old. In 2006 he decided to form a band which he called Fredrick & The Golden Dawn. The same year he began writing his debut album. Nolan played many shows in Dublin City. Nolan is self thought however worked more like a author or composer than a band leader, he would teach his musicians his music on all the different instruments. Nolan continued making his debut for eight years. He forged his own quirky process, working again more like an author than a pop singer, waking up extremely early and sitting down at his desk to work relentlessly every day for almost a decade, a process he continues to this day. 


During the making of his debut album "Fredrick…" Nolan published his first volume of poetry titled 'Vibrations Of The Soul' 2008. He also began composing sound sculpture, found sound, field music and concrete music among others and recorded many contemporary compositions under the name The K/rouac Orchestra, this name was given to him by The Jack Kerouac Family Foundation of which he since became an honorary member.


One of these sound pieces would eventually be released under the title We Are Not The Voices, They Are But Shadows Now which was exhibited by Bauhaus University, Weimar. Also he put out an Ep titled 'Here’s A Piece Of Ivan’s Head' which was eventually placed in the hands of Choice Music Award winner Julie Feeney, who immediately understood Nolan’s vision. Soon Nolan would finish his debut with a song titled Aubade which is a duet with Feeney.


In 2014 on April 4th after eight years of tirelessly creating he finally released his debut independently titling it after the name of his first band, Fredrick & The Golden Dawn. Nolan composed, performed, recorded and produced the album. Around the same time Nolan met the artist/poet Susanne Wawra who created the album art and was to become a long time collaborator with Nolan. The record enjoyed extremely favorable reviews and a considerable amount of attention in art circles however it failed to gain any mainstream interest.


In 2015 Nolan published his first collaborative volume of conceptual poetry which he had written with Wawra in 2013 titled Fragments Of Mind, Nolan and Wawra coining their schema technique Schizo-poetry. The book was published by Shine and considered as a pioneering concept by critics. Nolan then began work on his second album. During the making of Nolan’s currently ongoing second album he worked on a collection of remixes and covers of his debut album Fredrick… by artists across Europe, which include Vyvienne Long,  Jan Frisch and Conor O to name a few. This album was released independently the title taken from a lyric by Nolan, How is it how it is? - The Songs Of Kevin Nolan 2018.


Nolan also finished his second collaborative conceptual book with Wawra titled Wake Narrow The Naked Phrase and other poems + accompanying installation this time the duo coining a new schema process they call Ping-Pong. This book was commended by the Author of John The Revelator, Peter Murphy who wrote the foreword to Wake Narrow… and subsequently the book was included in an exhibition of selected works  by Nolan curated by The Baby Forest Collective, Cork. The exhibition also included some of Nolan's paintings, photography and film. 

Nolan now knee-deep into the second album, decided to pause and cast his eye back at the recordings he made before Fredrick... that he himself had not listened to since he began work on the debut in 2006. 

Nolan then released in 2018 a 38 track album. “Absent At The Moment When He Took Up The Most Space” is a selection of recordings Nolan made between ‘97 and ‘05. The thirty eight songs that make up this album are taken from Nolan’s archive of over 150 recorded during that period; none of which were ever released. 

“It's been over 20 years since the earliest of these recordings. In that time, I have learnt more and more about my process and the different ways I have tried to understand it over time. I see these songs as a significant part of my growth as an artist, I simply would not be the artist I am without first being the artist I was. And so in a way, I am paying my respects to a former self. I see this time as an immensely significant part of, and integral to, any reading of my work as a whole thus far, first and foremost for myself.”

Over twenty years on, Nolan decided to release these recordings in an effort to both map his musical chronology and also re-understand his work in the light of today, applying the musical wisdom he has gained since to the innocence that created it. Nolan has cited Rilke’s Letters To A Young Poet when explaining his latest retrospective offering. He understands this release as a return to a past self. For him, these songs are letters from his younger self to his present self, which will most definitely inform his future understandings.

Currently, Nolan has been working on his second album, to follow after Fredrick… and also what will be his fourth book among other projects.  This new album is set for release in 2019. 

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